About me

Lea Mijacika

I am a teacher, translator and writer with more than a decade of experience.

As a marketing specialist with experience in digital media, translation, and localization services, I work to help my clients reach their goals as effectively while ensuring they receive the best possible outcome.

I am a professional writer who specializes in the topics of culture, tourism, and languages. My work can be seen on my blog, which you are more than welcome to check out! I also attended several courses for content marketing and email marketing- please see those certifications on my LinkedIn page if interested. 


 My blog articles attract 95 percent organic traffic due to good SEO practices and without one cent invested into paid Ads!

I also run several projects, such as digitalnomadscroatia.com, where I maintain all social media, blogs, and website content-related tasks from scratch to ensure everything looks professional.

My career as a translator has allowed me to work with many different languages and cultures. I am fluent in French, German, Croatian, and English, which enables me to assess the meaning and capture its essence through my creative voice when translating from one language into another. 

I have delivered translation services for publications such as Le Monde Diplomatique magazine or various other organizations around Europe.


You need a website but not sure what to put on it, or you have an idea, but do not feel confident enough to put it into words. I can help you with that.

I am a content writer, copywriter, and blogger. I can optimize your content to please Google's everchanging algorithms. Or write a completely new optimized copy on any topic. I am most comfortable navigating the waters of culture and humanities, but also always looking forward to a challenge.


Originally Croatian, proficient in English with a master of Arts degree in translation into and from French and Croatian, with years of experience with different texts. I have translated articles for Le Monde Diplomatique, prescriptions for painkillers, contracts, and manuals for power generators. You tell me what you need and by when, and I will give you the price.